ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine)

ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine)

ATracker your quick solution for time tracking habit tracking & productivity.

ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine)
ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine) ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine) ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine) ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine) ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine) ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine) ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine) ATracker Time Tracker (Daily habit+Goal+Routine)

Life is precious, and so is your time. And keeping that in mind, ATracker is here to help you achieve more of your goals, build a sustainable habit and boost your productivity to a new height.

ATracker is a simple yet very powerful time tracking app and productivity tool that allows you to use it with minimal setup. Having a track of your precious time has never been easier with our one-tap to start/stop time tracking. As the leading time tracking app, ATracker offers bar or pie charts showcasing where your time went. ATracker also support daily and weekly goals that allows you to monitor the progress.

Lots of features for self-development

The fully customizable user interface allows you to turn this habit tracker into your own. The tracking app also comes with the option of categorizing tasks with tags; data export; sync data between multiple devices for the shortest path towards self-improvement and the perfect boost of productivity.

Sync across all device

The ability to sync across all of your devices allows you to start tracking your day anywhere, anytime, regardless of the device you are using. As a result, you can use the ATracker Time tracker as a Pomodoro, keep track of time and improve your time management skills in no time.

It's a fresh way to organize your day and make the most out of it … with just a few taps.


ATracker is a clean and minimalistic approach to,
• Track time of different tasks and projects at work
• Track time of School studies and projects
• Track time of Exercises
• Track time of Socializing
• Track time of Homemaking tasks
• Track time of Baby or child daily activities
• Hobby projects
• Or any activity people want to track and control

We believe that time tracking should be effortless.

And that is why our time and habit tracking app offers a wide range of features in a minimalistic approach. This allows you to take a control of your time and use it wisely. As the go-to productivity tool, ATracker is striving to help you reach your goal and quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Here are some of the key features ATracker offers

• Start and stop tracking a task with just one tap.
• Overview of today's time spending on the Today tab.
• Interactive goal system for self-improvement.
• Advanced tag system to group tasks and allow user to set value (Sum / Average / Hourly) or code for reporting.
• Complete activity log. Add missed or modify existing activity.
• Customization of activities with hundreds of unique icons to choose from. You can also color code the activities for a personalized time tracking experience.
• Ability to keep notes for each task entry.
• Statistics showed in bar charts and pie charts.
• Group tasks by tags and allow users to filter tasks by tag on the Today tab, as well as aggregate the data by tag in reporting.
• Set alarm for activities. The alarm will sound even when the app is not running.
• Widget to see your data on-screen at all times.
• Gesture support
• Full customization of UI with more skins and allow the user to use their own image as background.


With an only one-time investment, you will get to enjoy,
• No Ads.
• Unlimited tasks.
• Extensive Data export.

Web Subscription

With a web subscription, ATracker supports sync across multiple devices. So, you can now enjoy web access to ATracker services besides the app. This add-on is optional. With a subscription, users can add unlimited numeric and drop-down tags unlimited goals as well.

As the leading time tracking app, we strive to give you the best experience using ATracker. You can always contact us at
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Life is precious, and so is your Time. So, stop wasting your time and organize your life the right way NOW.

If you enjoy using our productivity tool, please leave us a rating and review to show your support for us!


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3.0.4 released on 30 July 2020 (854 days ago)
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3.0.2 released on 20 July 2020 (864 days ago)
2.0.14 released on 16 October 2019 (1142 days ago)

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