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AstroTab Free
AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free AstroTab Free

AstroTab is an application of astrology. But beware not one of papers! Completely customized it maps the sky at the birth an essential tool for any real astrologer.

Using sophisticated astronomical calculations AstroTab calculate independently not only your sign (where is the sun at your birth) but also the position of the Moon Ascendant of all the planets of the solar system. Because your personality is much richer than single sign of the zodiac.

AstroTab is intended for modern astrologers who want to build chart quickly and anyone wishing to discover this ancient knowledge. As such we included explanations and a glossary for educational purpose.

This version provide the following features
- current skymap display
- easy to use location input system. no need to know latitude latitude or gmt offset. city date and time are sufficient for AstroTab (network acces needed)
- single and composite natal planets positions placidus houses planets direction and speed interpretation
- birth data storing and easy seach within all stored name
- revolutionary way to display aspects with transparency that varies with orb
- transit chart display and interpretation
- easy to use "VCR" time controls for transit mode
- synastry chart display and interpretation
- Aspect and transit table for easy comprehension
- search for aspects specific planet position etc.. in the name list (search while in natal mode)
- search for transits specific planet position etc.. in the in time (search while in transit mode)
- import/export list to SD for easy modification or exchange between free and paid AstroTab app

For full satisfaction we decided to involve AstroTab users to the subsequent developments. To do this visit the website http// to post your comments and suggestions.


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Updated: 27 June 2017 (2286 days ago)
Released: 09 April 2011
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AstroTab Free
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