Astro Clock (planet hours)

Astro Clock (planet hours)

A time-tested tool that empowers you to be in the Right Place and Right Time!

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Astro Clock (planet hours)
Astro Clock (planet hours) Astro Clock (planet hours) Astro Clock (planet hours) Astro Clock (planet hours) Astro Clock (planet hours) Astro Clock (planet hours)

Since ancient times kings and noble people have recursed to astrological services to look into their future and to take the best decisions. This app has been created for you to take advantage of one of the oldest and most useful tools that kings have been used for centuries - The Star of Wizards.

This instrument allows you to calculate changes in the mood of the world thus to identify the best time to implement your personal plans. To a large extent the result depends on the circumstances which we cannot influence. However with this app you can choose the circumstances you need.

Astro Clock calculates astrological periods their characteristics and provides the data in a convenient form. The app also allows you to select a period in the future and set a reminder for it. This opens doors to new opportunities high efficiency and fast achievement of your personal goals - things that in ancient times were accessible only to the elite.

Astro Clock app has the following features
- A list of astro hours for the current day with a division of day and night rulers
- 3 search engines for astro hours time navigation search by keywords and search in a time interval
- Reminder for the selected Astro Hour
- Alarm constructor to create cyclic reminders for any life situations
- Data download for one month ahead what means performance without Internet
- Encyclopedic descriptions for each planet
- User-friendly and beautiful interface

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Released: 07 June 2016
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Astro Clock (planet hours)
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