Aruba Travel Guide

Aruba Travel Guide

Your official guide to the One Happy Island

Aruba Travel Guide
Aruba Travel Guide Aruba Travel Guide Aruba Travel Guide Aruba Travel Guide Aruba Travel Guide

Expert island guide with tons of places to visit customized trip itineraries created automatically easy to use offline maps & navigation augmented reality and trip sharing!

It’s like having your own personal tour guide while visiting Aruba!


βœ” 100% OFFLINE – NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED except for sharing and updates.

βœ” TRAVEL GUIDE with top attractions restaurants bars hotels and shopping in Aruba with TRAVELER REVIEWS and RATINGS pictures rich travel info prices and opening hours.

βœ” INTELLIGENT TRIP ITINERARIES automatically personalized for you based on your travel interests trip dates accommodation and the ratings of other travelers.

βœ” OFFLINE MAP & DIRECTIONS - Have the guide locate you on the map and offer you directions to a place. β˜… Use all map and direction features 100% offline with no roaming fees! β˜…

βœ” AUGMENTED REALITY - View your environment and all the places to visit in real-time with distance ratings prices and opening hours.

βœ” TRIP JOURNAL β˜… NEW FEATURE β˜… Easily create and share a trip journal with your check-ins pictures and comments!

βœ” SHARING – Share your check-ins postcards pictures reviews and trip journal by email or Facebook. Items are stored on your device and sent automatically when a free internet connection is available!

βœ” TRIP DASHBOARD β˜… NEW FEATURE β˜… The trip dashboard gathers your trip journals itineraries and favorite places in Aruba in one place. You can share it with friends and print your itineraries!

βœ” TRANSFER YOUR ITINERARY between devices and back them up online β˜… NEW FEATURE β˜…

βœ” OTHER FEATURES – Send pictures and postcards by email or Facebook easily discover new places currency converter add personal places and more!

β˜…β˜… NOTE - GPS will not work with device GPS Location Services off β˜…β˜…

For any questions please contact support at We are happy to answer your questions!

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Aruba Travel Guide
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