Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Learn concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Learn all concepts of Artificial Intelligence in easy and lucid manner with our Artificial Intelligence mobile application.

The App provides a refreshing and motivating new synthesis of the field of Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis takes the user on a complete tour of this intriguing new world of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to build or program computers to enable them to do what minds can do.

This App discusses the ways in which computational ideas and computer modeling can aid our understanding of human and animal minds.

Major theoretical approaches are outlined, as well as some recent developments. This App is suitable for any psychologist, philosopher, or computer scientist wanting to know the current state of the art in this area of cognitive science.

【Topics Covered Listed Below】

➻ Artificial Intelligence- Introduction
➻ Philosophy of AI
➻ Goals of AI
➻ What Contributes to AI?
➻ Programming Without and With AI
➻ What is AI Technique?
➻ Applications of AI
➻ History of AI
➻ What is Intelligence?
➻ Types of Intelligence
➻ What is Intelligence Composed of?
➻ Difference between Human and Machine Intelligence
➻ Artificial Intelligence - Research Areas
➻ Working of Speech and Voice Recognition Systems
➻ Real Life Applications of AI Research Areas
➻ Task Classification of AI
➻ What are Agent and Environment?
➻ Agent Terminology
➻ Rationality
➻ What is Ideal Rational Agent?
➻ The Structure of Intelligent Agents
➻ Nature of Environments
➻ Properties of Environment
➻ AI - Popular Search Algorithms
➻ Search Terminology
➻ Brute-Force Search Strategies
➻ Comparison of Various Algorithms Complexities
➻ Informed (Heuristic) Search Strategies
➻ Local Search Algorithms
➻ Simulated Annealing
➻ Travelling Salesman Problem
➻ Fuzzy Logic Systems
➻ Fuzzy Logic Systems Architecture
➻ Example of a Fuzzy Logic System
➻ Application Areas of Fuzzy Logic
➻ Advantages of FLSs
➻ Disadvantages of FLSs
➻ Natural Language Processing
➻ Components of NLP
➻ Difficulties in NLU
➻ NLP Terminology
➻ Steps in NLP
➻ Implementation Aspects of Syntactic Analysis
➻ Top-Down Parser
➻ Expert Systems
➻ Knowledge Base
➻ Inference Engine
➻ User Interface
➻ Expert Systems Limitations
➻ Applications of Expert System
➻ Expert System Technology
➻ Development of Expert Systems: General Steps
➻ Benefits of Expert Systems
➻ Robotics
➻ Difference in Robot System and Other AI Program
➻ Robot Locomotion
➻ Components of a Robot
➻ Computer Vision
➻ Application Domains of Computer Vision
➻ Applications of Robotics
➻ Neural Networks
➻ Types of Artificial Neural Networks
➻ Working of ANNs
➻ Machine Learning in ANNs
➻ Bayesian Networks (BN)
➻ Building a Bayesian Network
➻ Applications of Neural Networks
➻ AI - Issues
➻ A I- Terminology

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Learn Concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence
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