A.R.M.Y - game for BTS

A.R.M.Y - game for BTS

3.000.000+ A.R.M.Y are playing this game over the world

A.R.M.Y - game for BTS
A.R.M.Y - game for BTS A.R.M.Y - game for BTS A.R.M.Y - game for BTS A.R.M.Y - game for BTS A.R.M.Y - game for BTS A.R.M.Y - game for BTS A.R.M.Y - game for BTS

Are you an A.R.M.Y? Let prove yourself that it’s not a fake love with this app a collection of mini games about Kpop superstar BTS with updated 2020 game content
*** Casual contain 12 games in various type reaction tap and jump angle shoot reflection… All of them are easy to play but hard to master may take some sweat and tear from you.
*** Goodies with latest update music lyrics photo concept MV this zone test you with 5 games include quiz song guess yes or no mix and re-mix song and lyrics wheel of song and reverse song. It’s like a magic shop for all A.R.M.Y and Kpop BTS lovers.
*** Puzzles Where you can relax and have unlimited fun… 6 games in this zones are 6 journeys. You’ll find both familiar games like find differences lyrics word game and unique special games like puzzle brick breaker eyes nose lips or even face mash-up. Keep comeback to check update levels.
*** 2 players A game to help you sit down and play with your friend on 1 device side by side or cheek to cheek. Why not?
*** Café A place for you to interact with other A.R.M.Y and Kpop fan to know and to show catch interesting fun facts untold story anpanman
*** Daily mission 3 missions a day. When you complete a mission you’ll get a special BTS reward so don’t for get to keep comeback and check.
*** Online leaderboards to compete with other A.R.M.Y and Kpop BTS lovers. Make yourself a superstar
This is an unofficial fan-made application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by BTS their management teams or their record labels.

About this version (2010)

I purple you for being an A.R.M.Y. I will keep this game update regularly to make it better and better >>> 2020 Aug *** Fix bugs in games *** Added "Dynamite" and bring back Feel The Beat game (in Art Zone)

Other versions

2007 released on 13 July 2020 (385 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 50 MB
Version: 2010 by Nindie
Updated: 06 October 2020 (300 days ago)
Released: 30 December 2015
Installations: more than 1 000 000
A.R.M.Y - game for BTS
5 Stars: 19183
4 Stars: 1822
3 Stars: 575
2 Stars: 211
1 Star: 633

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