APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor

APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor

Multi UPS battery monitor application for Eaton APCUPSD supports SSH and NIS

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APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor
APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor

Do not rate under 4 stars without contacting or giving rating without reason explanation because I actually care about ideas to make this better. I use this myself all the time so it's actually made for purpose.

This project can be found from Github: https://github.com/norkator/apcupsd-monitor

This is a simple, free and also ad free APCUPSD monitor application which can be used via SSH or NIS to pull information from your APCUPSD instances or from Eaton UPSes via using Eaton IPM software and its https web interface. I have developed this app for my own use with features I need so future features are up to users to ask. My personal usage for this is to monitor power outage logs easily.

Troubleshooting instructions for common cases are below!

• Multiple UPS supported!
• Read and display status information.
• Read and display event logs. You can change event log power event coloring method from settings.
• Widget which shows current status information.
• Background service which is looking for status changes.
• Background service sends notifications if any UPS goes down.
• Private key ssh connection support. It's very recommended to use this method instead!
• Front page UPS list has swipe actions for edit and delete actions.
• Supports Synology upsc and other upsc dataformat based solutions.
• Support Eaton IPM meaning old PowerWare UPS can be used.

How to use
• You either need SSH server with APCUPSD installed (I have version 3.14.12...) or use APCUPSD Linux or Windows app NIS server at port 3551. Synology UPSC users see own section below!
• First start, input your SSH server variables (server address, port if changed from default, username, password). With 3551 NIS only address and port is required.
• Return from settings where following variables are given and click refresh from right corner menu.
• App will ask you to verify host name key finger print. App will remember it afterwards, until/if it changes.
• Better guide available here: http://www.nitramite.com/apcupsdmonitor.html

- I personally use Raspberry Pi (Rasbian linux) server and Windows with APCUPSD binary installed. This means I use both SSH and NIS implementations.

• App cannot fetch data?
- Try running sudo apcaccess without sudo. If you see credentials problem then: add NOPASSWD: /sbin/apcaccess to sudoers file and it should work fine.
• Still cannot fetch data?
- Try remove sudo part from command at application settings (bottom of view).
• Android 10 or newer OS failing to load data via SSH
- enable: strict host key checking!
• Still not loading data and you are accessing server via internet
- Check you routing/firewall settings, port forwarding settings. Use telnet to check open port or online open port check tools.

# I am adding more troubleshooting specs based on user reports and problem solving.

Synology UPSC
• Use SSH for connection just like from putty or linux shell ssh but you need to change default command "sudo apcaccess status" to "upsc ups", app has integrated parsing for that data output format.
• Loading events is not supported because no enough research for that side.

Contact: http://www.nitramite.com/contact.html
Eula: http://www.nitramite.com/eula.html
Privacy: http://www.nitramite.com/privacy-policy.html
Direct email: nitramite@outlook.com


About this version (1.20.2)

See Github https://github.com/norkator/apcupsd-monitor/releases for release notes. # Join development: https://github.com/norkator/apcupsd-monitor

Other versions

1.20.1 released on 23 January 2022 (379 days ago)
1.19.0 released on 15 November 2021 (448 days ago)
1.18.0 released on 09 November 2021 (454 days ago)
1.17.2 released on 22 October 2021 (472 days ago)
1.17.1 released on 15 October 2021 (479 days ago)
1.16.0 released on 18 September 2021 (506 days ago)
1.15.2 released on 09 September 2021 (515 days ago)
1.15.1 released on 08 September 2021 (516 days ago)
1.14.1 released on 09 July 2021 (577 days ago)
1.14.0 released on 27 June 2021 (589 days ago)
1.13.0 released on 21 June 2021 (595 days ago)
1.11.0 released on 07 June 2021 (609 days ago)
1.10.0 released on 27 April 2021 (650 days ago)
1.9.0 released on 18 April 2021 (659 days ago)
1.8.7 released on 17 December 2020 (781 days ago)

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APCUPSD Monitor - Remote UPS Battery Monitor
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