Anti Theft Alert

Anti Theft Alert

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Anti Theft Alert
Anti Theft Alert Anti Theft Alert Anti Theft Alert Anti Theft Alert Anti Theft Alert Anti Theft Alert Anti Theft Alert

Anti theft alert or anti theft alarm app is anti-theft alarm best app for android prevent people around don’t touch my phone with motion alarm detector can detect thief with antitheft detector, it has full battery anti theft alarm best feature of anti-theft mobile alarm. Pocket alarm app option of anti theft security and alarm system prevent pickpockets to steal your android phone with this antitheft pocket alarm your phone is secure, thief can’t bypass the secure antitheft guard and anti-theft lock screen, impossible for the thief to stop the alarm until you stop anti theft protection with pattern or fingerprint, don’t touch my phone noise detector option of anti-thief robbery alarm detect tiny noise of a thief and intruder and will alert you of their robbery with a loud unstoppable alarm sound, the thief cannot stop the alarm with wrong password, best motion alarm detector app option, it can be activated once and stay active until you turn the motion alarm off, Anti theft alert can be use offline without any problem. Full battery anti theft alarm can be use to prevent your battery from over charging and damage your mobile phone battery, Anti-theft alert app is super easy to use and really functional.

*Are you worried that you may lose your android phone?
*Are you always in need to keep your eyes on your phone while charging it at the airport or public charge place?
* Don't you like it when people, friends or familly members trying to snick into your phone to see your whatsapp, facebook, snapchat or instagram while you are at sleep?

\(^_^)/ if you have one of this problem or some related to that then you need to use Anti theft Alert to protect your mobile phone from inquisitive people and thieves!

Features of Anti theft alert
1- theft alert trigger a loud unstoppable alarm when some pickpokets take your phone from your bag or pocket.
2- trigger loud alarm when thieft unplug your phone from a public charging place, at home or in an airport.
3- Alert you when your battery is fully charged so that your phone don't overcharge and damage your battery.
4- theft alert will trigger a loud alarm when you put your phone on the bed table and your wife/husband tries to snick into your phone to see your messages.
5- Anti theft alert will trigger a loud alarm when tiny noise is detected in the house.
6- Choose any song, music or recording as your alarm tone.
7- when alarm is ringing the phone will vibrate and flashlight will start blinking as if the police was arround.
8- Only the owner can stop the alarm when it start either with fingerprint, password or pattern.

Different use case of anti-theft alert app

1) when resting at home or in the office, to avoid familly members and friends to snick into your mobile phone, Activate the motion alarm feature.
2) When charging your phone in a public charger in the town or in an airport while waiting for your flight, you can use charger alarm feature of anti-theft alert.
3) If you are in a public place or in a bus you can use the proximity sensor also called pocket alarm so that if a pickpockets try to steal your phone a loud alarm will be triggered and you willl catch him.
4) i have deep sleep and i can't hear if someone gets into my room even that he makes some noise i can't wake up, that is why i decided to make a noise detector feature to be aware when someone get into my private zone, this will trigger a loud alarm when a tiny noise is detected. you can sleep as deep as you want this alarm sound will wake you up.
5. Anti theft alert will notify when your battery is completely charged so that you avoid damaging your phone battery.
6. If you want to prank your friends or kids that loved to snick into your phone you can choose a funny alarm tone or your own voice recording saying and use it as an alarm tone and you activate the motion alarm feature and wait for them to take it

About this version (6.2.2)

Fixed crashes on some phone

Other versions

6.2.1 released on 02 March 2022 (273 days ago)
6.2.0 released on 01 February 2022 (302 days ago)
6.0.4 released on 13 January 2022 (321 days ago)
5.1.7 released on 06 November 2021 (389 days ago)
5.1.6 released on 02 November 2021 (393 days ago)
5.1.3 released on 10 October 2021 (416 days ago)
5.1.2 released on 21 September 2021 (435 days ago)
5.1 released on 13 August 2021 (474 days ago)
5.0 released on 06 August 2021 (481 days ago)
4.0 released on 11 July 2021 (507 days ago)
3.2 released on 29 June 2021 (519 days ago)
3.1.1 released on 21 April 2021 (588 days ago)
3.1 released on 25 March 2021 (615 days ago)
3.0 released on 12 March 2021 (628 days ago)
2.5 released on 17 December 2020 (713 days ago)
2.4 released on 22 October 2020 (769 days ago)
2.3 released on 28 September 2020 (793 days ago)

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Anti Theft Alert
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