Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music

Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music

Anime soundboard to set anime ringtone, notification or alarm

Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music
Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music

Anime Sounds is an anime app gives you lot of options to choose and set your favorite anime soundboard music anime openings or anime soundtracking as your notification anime alarm or phone's anime ringtone easily.

Set your ringtone from your favorite japanim opening or kawaii sound from our anime soundboard app!

You can play save and share or set to ringtone any anime music from popular anime or voice from anime characters from our anime soundboard.
You will find your favorite opening or anime characters voice and maybe save this cute or moe sound you are looking for or keep this japanese voice
and music as you like as a notification sound.
The content will be updated often but feel free to send us any suggestion or request for our anime app anime sounds.

This anime soundboard app has a lot of anime music sounds that you can set as your anime ringtone alarm or notification including music and sounds from Haikyuu Naruto JoJo One piece Dragon Ball and others.
Setting you ringtone is easy. Just tap the bell icon on the sound you want to set as your alarm then tap set as anime ringtone on our anime app anime sounds.

Features of our anime app anime sounds

โœ“ Play
You can play and listen any sample from Japan or other voices from anime world.

โœ“ Loop
It is possible to loop audio sound from favorites. And listen to anime music.

โœ“ Openings
Play openings you like from popular anime. Any of your favorite anime music ! Anime music like anime openings and ending.

โœ“ Search
You can search/filter a song sound music effect or sfx in our anime app anime sounds.

โœ“ Offline
You can use this application offline no time limit and all features are unlocked to play and set your anime openings alarms and notification with anime music

โœ“ Share
Share anime sounds anime app Anime alarm anime notification and music with your friends so they can have fun with anime music and sounds.

โœ“ Ringtone
You can set as ringtone notification sound or default alarm sound.

โœ“ Alarm
You can set any anime openings endings and sounds as your alarm ringtone

โœ“ Notification
You can set your Notification too.

โœ“ Free
There are no limitations to use this application but feel free to be premium in order to remove ads and unlock full offline mode!
Premium is the best experience you can have and we improve this anime app everyday.

The output format for sharing and save to the device is ogg but on the other hand you can import sounds as any recognized format like mp3 or m4a...

When you play a sound the previous one is automatically stopped before so you can prepare a real soundboard for live performance.

What are you waiting for? Go set your anime alarm anime ringtone or anime notification now! Become a anime weeb and set your alarm ringtone and notification now from this app Anime Sounds the best anime soundboard!

About this version (2.5.6)

โ€ข Lower volume for short sounds (<5s), usually used as notification sound

Other versions

2.5.5 released on 27 November 2020 (924 days ago)
2.5.3 released on 19 November 2020 (932 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 117 MB
Version: 2.5.6 by Roxx Studio
Updated: 22 December 2020 (899 days ago)
Released: 23 September 2019
Installations: more than 100 000
Anime Sounds: Ringtones & Music
5 Stars: 489
4 Stars: 100
3 Stars: 31
2 Stars: 6
1 Star: 6

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