Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

Educational animal app to learn about animals and animal sounds

Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds Animal Sounds Animal Sounds Animal Sounds Animal Sounds Animal Sounds Animal Sounds Animal Sounds

“Animal Sounds, learn about animals ” is a free educational animal app. This animal app includes more than 200 animals by categories:

✔ Domestic animals
✔ Wild animals
✔ Sea animals
✔ Birds
✔ Insects
✔ Reptiles

“Animals Sounds” teaches names of animals, including well-chosen colorful animal images and natural animal sounds. This app will let you have a fun and discover new animals and animals sounds and names. This application contains big collections of farm animal sounds, pet animals, wild animal noises, wild animals, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds & Insects real images in HD Format. You can listen to animal noises or sounds of animals.

You can see animal pictures, You can hear animal sounds in English.
-The category of Domestic Animals includes farm animals like cow, horse, sheep, and pet animals like dog, cat and domestic birds like hen, goose, duck and etc. it si not only app for kids but also real animal sounds.
-The category of Wild Animals includes forest animals like lion, tiger, elephant, jaguar, fox, wolf, zebra and etc.
-The category of Birds includes birds like owl, crane, pigeon, stork, swallow, crow, eagle
and etc.
-The category of Insects includes insects like housefly, ant, dragonfly, bee, butterfly, louse, spider
and etc.
The app will teach animal sounds or wildlife sounds. Kids can get animal sounds learning free.

Now learn & play with big collection of Animals, Birds & Insects flashcard in their papa or mamma's smart phone. This is animal sounds app. With this application you combine education with entertainment. It is also animals learning game. In this animal app get your free animal sounds.

This app teaches animal photos with the help of animal flashcards.
This app is one of the educational apps. Learn animals in English.

Using this application you grow your animals knowledge in easier and an interesting way. Hearing animals name and watching real picture of animals and also able to check your memory power

✔ Farm animal sounds
✔ Well- chosen animal photos
✔ Real animal sounds
✔ Animals photos with HD quality
✔ Spelling of animal names
✔ Animal flash cards
✔ Animal pictures

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Animal Sounds
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