An unofficial port of the Angband roguelike to Android

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About Angband (http//

Angband is a complex single player dungeon simulation. A player (you!) creates a character choosing from a variety of races and classes and then plays that character over a period of days weeks even months.

The player will begin their adventure on the town level where they may acquire supplies weapons armor and magical devices by buying from various shop owners. Then the player can descend into the Pits of Angband where they will explore the many levels of the dungeon gaining experience by killing fierce creatures collecting powerful objects and valuable treasure and returning to town occasionally to buy supplies. Eventually as the player grows more experienced they may attempt to win the game by defeating Morgoth the Lord of Darkness who resides far below the surface.

Angband is a very complex game and it may be difficult to grasp everything at first. A key resource for Angband players is the forum (http// where you can ask for help and also post compliments complaints suggestions bug reports and interesting experiences.

Don't forget to take a look into the excellent online manual of Angband it contains a guide for new players and detailed descriptions of every aspect of the game https//

About this version (1.25.1)

-Added an advanced soft keyboard. It has only 2 pages, supports key resizing and custom keymaps actions. Includes an option for vertical layout. Ctrl sequences are activated by pressing the shift key for a second time.. -Added 2 variants, FrogComposband 7.1-salmiak and NPPAngband 0.4.1. Toggle is in Preferences. In a near future we will have FAangband 2.0. -Each game Profile now has its own keymaps. -Changed a couple of buttons in the ribbon.

Other versions

1.25.0 released on 20 August 2020 (66 days ago)
1.24.2 released on 05 August 2020 (81 days ago)
1.24.1 released on 28 July 2020 (89 days ago)

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