Anagram Solver

Anagram Solver

Essential word finder for games such as Scrabble® and Words With Friends®

Anagram Solver
Anagram Solver Anagram Solver Anagram Solver Anagram Solver Anagram Solver Anagram Solver Anagram Solver Anagram Solver

★ Super fast search of over 400,000 words and phrases
★ Multi-word anagrams
★ Blank letters for board games
★ Powerful filters to refine your results
★ Look up word definitions

Try moonstarer to find astronomer, also finds smaller words such as resonator and tearooms.

Use + to represent blank letters, enter scrabb++ to find crabbers and scrabble.

Hold a word to bring up a list of websites to look for the word definition, alternatively just press the search icon next to a word. Also works with the free English Dictionary Offline app.

Narrow down your results using filters, you can allow words that start with, end with, contain or exclude certain letters. A powerful feature when you need to find words that fit with other tiles on the game board.

Use . to represent a missing letter, try c....w... to find clockwork and crossword

Search over 100K built-in phrases, try m.... ... ...... to find motte and bailey, miles per gallon and milky way galaxy

Spelling Bee puzzles are where you only use the letters provided but as many times as you like. Try $qntuaei to find: quinquina, aquanaut and queenie

Scroll through the tips for quick reminders of all the features. There is also an online user guide showing you how to use the app to help you with your favourite games.

German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese word lists are available. The app also has two purpose built word lists for US and World Scrabble®. You can change the word list in the settings menu.

Anagram Solver is not affiliated with any apps or games mentioned here and is solely a utility for helping you find words and definitions.

About this version (4.15.07)

*Added 100,000 well known phrases *Results are now grouped by length *New Dark Theme *New Spelling Bee search *New word lists: Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese

Other versions

4.14.00 released on 14 February 2020 (612 days ago)

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Size: 10 MB
Version: 4.15.07 by MPD Bailey Technology
Updated: 02 July 2021 (108 days ago)
Released: 13 December 2013
Installations: more than 100 000
Anagram Solver
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