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Amber Connect

Protect yourself your loved ones and your assets.

Amber Connect
Amber Connect Amber Connect Amber Connect Amber Connect Amber Connect Amber Connect Amber Connect Amber Connect

Amber Connect offers you an intelligent, insightful and affordable tracking. The Amber App is packed with features every individual should have and truly connects your Amber Car devices to your digital life, making not only your driving experience safer, easier and less expensive, but also protecting you and your loves ones in case of emergency.

Amber Connect App Features:

· Find My Ride

Always know your vehicle’s location via Smartphone App or web browser 24/7.

· Driver Protect

Automatic SOS message from the device on a crash or accident, SOS feature in the App to notify for assistance to 2 preset numbers.

Safety Alerts
Geo Fencing, Idle time notification, speed limit notifications, Ignition on/off notification**, Fatigue driving time notification, Vehicle engine health diagnostics*, Remote Engine cut off**
*OBD II devices only, **Not applicable to wireless devices

· Trip Metrics

Log every trip with comprehensive details of distance, time, speed and fuel spent at close of every trip. Weekly reports.

· Vehicle Expense Manager

Log fuel and repair expenses and upload and store images of expense receipts.

Amber Shield Technology : First Artificial Intelligence in vehicle tracking which makes your vehicle self-respond under security threats.

Sentry Mode: When enabled, will sound a distinctive alert on your app, if your vehicle registers activity such as: ignition is turned on, towed, device is tampered or a significant vibration occurs.

Parking Shield : When enabled, will sound a distinctive alert on your app and perform engine shut down if any activity is registered.

Night Guard: Night Guard allows you to set a timer for over night parking. If the vehicle detects any activity, it will immobilize the engine and sound a distinctive alert on your app.

Fuel Meter : A live fuel meter displaying the current fuel levels in your vehicle. Tap on the fuel bar and hit edit. Enter your vehicles fuel tank capacity and slide the fuel bar to the current levels.

GSM Signals: We added your device GSM signals on your dashboard. You can see the signal levels here. If your app is not receiving data, your GSM signals will indicate the problem.

Live Chat Help Desk: Now talk to us in real time from your Live Help desk menu on the app. You can speak to a live agent from the chat box or using your Twitter or Facebook handle. What's app integration will be added soon.

Service Reminders: Create reminders for almost all vehicle services like Oil Change, Oil Filter Change, Tyre Change, Tire Rotation, Battery Change, Wheel Alignment, Air Filter Replacement, Inspection, Spark Plug Replacement, Timing Belt Change, Brake Pad Change, Coolant Change. Schedule reminders based on both Mileage and Dates. Even more, you can create your own customized service reminders.

About this version (3.6.4)

* Improved performance and stability * Bug fixes.

Other versions

3.6.2 released on 29 October 2021 (518 days ago)
3.6 released on 18 October 2021 (529 days ago)
3.5.9 released on 21 June 2021 (648 days ago)
3.5.8 released on 29 March 2021 (732 days ago)
3.5.7 released on 19 March 2021 (742 days ago)
3.5.6 released on 26 January 2021 (794 days ago)
3.5.5 released on 07 December 2020 (844 days ago)
3.5.4 released on 24 August 2020 (949 days ago)
3.5.3 released on 14 August 2020 (959 days ago)
3.5.2 released on 29 July 2020 (975 days ago)
3.4.8 released on 03 April 2020 (1092 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 3.6.4 by Amber Connect Limited
Updated: 31 January 2022 (424 days ago)
Released: 26 November 2015
Installations: more than 50 000
Amber Connect
5 Stars: 803
4 Stars: 169
3 Stars: 126
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 126

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