ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul

ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul

Free Korean Hangul Keyboard with auto correction function to decrease typos

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ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul
ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul

ALKeyboard is a free customizable keyboard which you can customize the layout of your keyboard. By analyzing the touch location of users ALKeyboard supports an auto correction function which decreases typos when typing.

● Ad trial application has ended since 20.10.26.
- We appreciate your feedback during the ad trial period. In the future we will try to minimize the inconvenience of users.
- In addition all 'ALPremium' payments made after 9/26 were refunded in accordance with our policy. We apologize for any confusion in the operation. For other inquiries please contact the customer center. Thank you.

1. Supported Languages
- English
- Korean (Hangul) 2-bul layout short vowels short vowels + 2-bul layout Tenchijin Tenchijin Plus Vega (Sky) Naratgeul
2. Keyboard Themes
Customize the keyboard appearance by applying supported themes
3. Keystroke Settings
Customize vibration sound or pop-ups when pressing keys
4. Clipboard Managing Function
- Copied text will be saved then managed in a list (maximum 21 texts)
- Functions to delete or lock the list
5. Customize Convenient Inputs
- Enable number pad or arrow pad on top
- Input special characters by pressing down the keys
- Input predefined sentence by pressing down the Enter key
6. Horizontal Split Layout Support
7. Hardware Keyboard Support
- 2-bul layout support and Korean/English shifting function support (Shift + Spacebar or directly)
8. Analyze User Touch Position for Auto Correction
- Support recommended vocabularies
- Auto correction feature that predicts the key that will be pressed next to reduce typos (2-bul layout & short vowels)

Q. When checking ALKeyboard an alert notifying that every text the user inputs can be collected appears. Can I trust this app?
A. β€˜Attention’ notification is a message that Android shows. ALKeyboard does not gather any user information.

[System Requirements]
Android Version 5.0~

About this version (1.1.4)

### ALKeyboard v1.1.4 ### - Enhanced stability - Ad trial application ends

Other versions

1.0.9 beta released on 21 October 2019 (503 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 9 MB
Version: 1.1.4 by ESTsoft Corp.
Updated: 08 September 2020 (180 days ago)
Released: 19 June 2014
Installations: more than 1 000 000
ALKeyboard – Korean Hangul
5 Stars: 10298
4 Stars: 3069
3 Stars: 1449
2 Stars: 589
1 Star: 2819

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