Alchemy Fusion 2

Alchemy Fusion 2

Alchemy Fusion 2 - Become a creator!

Alchemy Fusion 2
Alchemy Fusion 2 Alchemy Fusion 2 Alchemy Fusion 2 Alchemy Fusion 2 Alchemy Fusion 2

Since the dawn of time Earth Fire Air and Water are the elements which are the basis of everything that surrounds us. Now you can harness these elements and create the world from scratch. It is you who decides! Alchemy Fusion 2 is an amazing game of rules known from "Alchemy" and "Doodle God". With Alchemy Fusion 2 you may impersonate explorers and you have a great chance for adventure. Gorgeous graphics and amazing effects of Alchemy Fusion 2 make the journey even more pleasant. Start your expedition from the 4 basic elements water fire air and earth. It is only you who creates the further fate of the game! If you have any doubt you can always take a hint. You can get them for the discovery of new elements or choose a shorter way and simply buy them. Alchemy is a difficult art check if you can handle it. Do not wait and enjoy your adventure.

Game Features
- 750 elements to discover
- Scrollable list containing only those elements that can still be used
- Realistic images of elements
- The list of all the discovered elements of the search function
- 1 hint for every 15 discovered elements
- Sounds
- Vibration
- The option "Do not make the discovered elements"
- Possibility to choose the size of the element


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Size: 30 MB
Version: 1.4.8 by Snowy's Apps
Updated: 01 December 2019 (419 days ago)
Installations: more than 500 000
Alchemy Fusion 2
5 Stars: 11891
4 Stars: 2807
3 Stars: 1299
2 Stars: 499
1 Star: 1109

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