Alarm Clock Ex

Alarm Clock Ex

One app - many functions. Alarm clock timers stopwatch - the smart way!

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Alarm Clock Ex
Alarm Clock Ex Alarm Clock Ex Alarm Clock Ex Alarm Clock Ex Alarm Clock Ex Alarm Clock Ex Alarm Clock Ex Alarm Clock Ex

Having problems getting out of bed in the morning? Alarm Clock Ex can help you to wake up to your liking – and ensure that you actually do wake up! Just set your alarm clock so that you have to solve a task to deactivate it.

For those of you who want to be woken as gently as possible, Alarm Clock Ex increases the alarms’ volume for a previously set time. Thus, you will never awake with a start again! With Alarm Clock Ex you can even create your own vibration pattern by combining as many vibration/silence-pairs as you like.

All common settings are accessible through one touch without having to search through endless menus. Better yet, you can create profiles so that you can quickly create a preconfigured alarm clock!

Alarm Clock Ex logs all alarm clock activities – thereby giving you the opportunity to analyse your behaviour in the morning. You can check how often you snoozed or how long it took you to even react to your alarm clock.

AlarmClockEx is not only a feature-rich alarm clock, but offers the possibility to manage any number of user-definable timers that will make life easier you in everyday situations. Just put a teabag in a cup with hot water? Start the “tea”-timer and enjoy your tea without letting it brew too long or too short. Just put something in the oven? Let Alarm Clock Ex remind you before it’s burnt!

If you ever have to stop time, Alarm Clock Ex got you covered by offering an acurate and feature-rich stopwatch that logs your time, laps and pauses to the 100th of a second!

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0.9.14 - fixes in app billing vulnerability

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Released: 08 January 2013
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Alarm Clock Ex
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