Akan Twi Guide

Akan Twi Guide

An Akan Twi Guide to enhance your vocabulary

Akan Twi Guide
Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide Akan Twi Guide

This is an Akan Twi language guide to help with your Akan Twi studies. It will increase your vocabulary and also enhance your pronunciation.

An app which can be described as the best Twi vocabulary app should have some features like the following


Now the learn Akan Twi app has a lot of Twi vocabulary. Also it is continually being updated with more. Furthermore there is a search feature that enables you to search through all the listed vocabulary. It currently has more vocabulary than any other android Twi application.

Now let’s talk a bit about audio. It is a different thing knowing the word and a different thing altogether knowing how to pronounce it. Also knowing how to pronounce it as the natives do can be quite a different thing. The Akan Twi Guide application has an audio feature that makes you tap on the Twi word and you hear a clear sound from a native speaker.

The emphasis here is on clear native pronunciations that other similar applications simply lack. Therefore this will help you master not only the words but also the pronunciation. So this is without a doubt one of the best ways to learn Twi.


Since learning a new language or improving on a language is not at all easy it is often good to test how good you are doing. Now the Akan Twi Guide has quizzes for almost every category. It also has a much general quiz section which is across categories. Consequently you can practice and practice with these quizzes to see how much you are absorbing.


Proverbs is an integral part of the Ghanaian culture. Basically one who is able to speak in proverbs and understand proverbs is generally thought of as having a mastery over the language. Listen to and learn how to say Twi proverbs and know their meanings using this app.

In order to improve your Twi download the application from the play store. You will have access to lots of vocabulary proverbs native accent audio and quizzes to help you master the language.


About this version (2.1)

More verbs added for subscribed users. Bug fixes and enhanced performance.

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1.68 released on 28 June 2020 (297 days ago)

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Released: 04 September 2019
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Akan Twi Guide
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