AirCalc for Android

AirCalc for Android

You will get fast and accurate psychrometric calculations of a single moist air.

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AirCalc for Android
AirCalc for Android AirCalc for Android AirCalc for Android AirCalc for Android

The state of moist air is shown by pressure dry-bulb temperature relative humidity specific enthalpy specific volume bulk etc.
These values can be calculated if each expression of relations shows three values.
Usually since pressure is used under normal atmospheric pressure in many cases if this is set constant and two status values are given it can calculate other values by calculation.
By using this program each status value read in the psychrometric diagram can usually be calculated easily.
Use of the range of dry-bulb temperature DB-20℃ to 90℃ is assumed.
Even if it exceeds this domain calculation may be possible but the error will be larger.

About this version (2.2.2)

Fixed problems on some devices.

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AirCalc for Android
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