Africa Weather

Africa Weather

Weather of African countries. Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo ...

Africa Weather
Africa Weather Africa Weather Africa Weather Africa Weather Africa Weather Africa Weather

Africa Weather is a mobile application weather free with an ergonomic design and modern in order to ensure a better user experience and high readability of the weather information.
Check the weather forecast in your region and around the world in a blink of an eye.
Rely on weather forecasts accurate and adjust your program according to the weather.


Forecast as of geo-localized (automatic detection of your region)
- The weather of the african city of your choice (add town unlimited)
- All major european cities are supported with the search tool.
- Research of the world's cities Barcelona Beijing Moscow Seoul Jakarta Mexico city Lima Tehran Bogota Rome London Brussels Delhi Tokyo New York...
- The forecast of rain in the hour
- Weather reports 7 days
- Current temperature and "feels like"
- Data of temperaturehumidity probability of precipitation wind speed...
- Display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit...
- Source of data

The weather of the following African countries and more
Nigeria Ethiopia Democratic Republic of Congo Tanzania South Africa Kenya Uganda Algeria Sudan Morocco Angola Mozambique Ghana Madagascar Ivory Coast Cameroon Niger Burkina Faso Malawi Mali Zambia Zimbabwe Senegal Chad Somalia Guinea South Sudan Rwanda Tunisia Benin Burundi Togo Sierra Leone Libya Congo Liberia Central African Republic Eritrea Mauritania Namibia Botswana Lesotho Gambia Gabon Guinea-Bissau Swaziland Equatorial Guinea Mauritius Djibouti Comoros Cape Verde Sao Tome and Principe Seychelles ...

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Africa Weather
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