ADOT Alerts

ADOT Alerts

The must-have local emergency alerting app for Arizona's roadways.

ADOT Alerts
ADOT Alerts ADOT Alerts ADOT Alerts ADOT Alerts ADOT Alerts

The official app of the Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT Alerts is a must-have app for anyone who travels on Arizona’s state highway system. ADOT will send real-time travel notifications to your mobile device about unplanned, major traffic impacts happening around you, helping you save time by avoiding delays. This app isn’t for daily commuting and rush-hour traffic jams – those apps already exist. This app will provide travelers with information on unplanned major traffic impacts, severe weather impacts and public safety events, such as wrong-way vehicles. After receiving the information, drivers can choose to re-route or delay their travel plans, avoiding lengthy delays and potentially dangerous situations.

Here’s a sampling of events that would trigger an alert:
· Unplanned highway closure because of a crash.
· Severe weather, like a snowstorm, that will impact travel.
· Lengthy travel delays on holiday weekends.
· Report of a wrong-way vehicle.

You will not be spammed with irrelevant alerts and by turning on your mobile device’s Location Services you will receive only the alerts that are happening around you. We use geofencing to target the recipients of each alert. We can pinpoint and send alerts to mobile devices on a single stretch of highway or the entire state.

Customize your alert settings. You can choose what kind of notifications to receive. And you can set it up so different alerts have different sounds.

You do not have to sign up, register or provide any contact information. Alerts are sent based on the location of your mobile device. You remain 100% anonymous and your privacy is protected.

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