Actofit Badminton

Actofit Badminton

Badminton Intelligent Motion Assistant instructional videos

Actofit Badminton
Actofit Badminton Actofit Badminton Actofit Badminton Actofit Badminton

Smash your way to glory!

Actofit Badminton Pod is a powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker. Your very own coach and smart tracker to track your game giving you personalized feedback tailored to your playing style.

Personalized feedback

Your style of play determines how quickly you reach your goals. Actofit gives you immediate feedback for you to make instant changes. Real time tracking helps you analyze every shot, improvize every stroke, be it a smash, clear or drive.

Map your progress

Progress is about being better than you used to be and Actofit helps you achieve just that! All your progress is available for you at a glance in tailored charts and graphical representation. Get the overview of your badminton journey with Actofit filled with granular data for you to make insightful decisions about your playing style.

Real Time Tracking

With the Speed power and Degree of Rotation tracked and displayed in real time it is a real revolution which helps you analyze and track each shot played to help you be one step ahead always. You can review your badminton stroke under real time mode via the latest 3D animation replayed immediately after each hit.

About this version (1.2.3)

fixed bugs;

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Actofit Badminton
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