ACNH: Companion Guide

ACNH: Companion Guide

Because everyone needs a guide to help travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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ACNH: Companion Guide
ACNH: Companion Guide ACNH: Companion Guide ACNH: Companion Guide ACNH: Companion Guide ACNH: Companion Guide ACNH: Companion Guide ACNH: Companion Guide ACNH: Companion Guide


Animal Crossing New Horizons Companion (ACNH Companion) is the perfect guide to help you have the most fun you can get in Animal Crossing New Horizons the new game in the series for the Nintendo Switch.

With this companion app you can get all of your favorite information in one convenient place. Currently supporting all the fossils art pieces insects fish villagers and fruits\flora available in your island. You can also set up your own personal island information and share it with your friends.

In the near future we'll have much more information all laid out in the app as detailed below.

Available features right now
- Track your into collections across all your devices. Just sign in with Google and you'll have a full backup for every change you make.
- Fish sizes for fish include shadow image (to be updated soon with better images).
- Full time tables and months table for both hemispheres and all insects and fish. Just toggle between hemispheres in a second for accurate information.
- "Catch right now" buttons for fish and insects.
- "LF" (Looking for) and "FT" (For trade) lists made in the collectibles screen just mark your items as donated\have extra to include them in the list to be pasted anywhere you wish.
- Track all of your island's details in the main screen flowers fruits FC and even see your progress bars with the museum!
- Multiple selection for every menu.
- My Villagers! Set up the villagers in your home screen and share it with your friends.
- Flowers breeding guide.
- Mystery Islands guide.
- ALL ART PIECES Information tracking available.
- K.K Songs collection tracking and ALL INFORMATION on how to get these!
- Daily checklist for your island's to-do list (& Custom list for your own tasks).
- Turnips calculator + saving between uses for tracking.
- Nook Miles Tracking & Information.
- Nintendo Switch FC & AC Designer ID code saving.

Planned features
Update 2.5
- Bushes information & tracking (+ current season graphics)
- Yearly Calendar & Birthday dates
- Island Resident nicknames
- Toggle between villager icons style - icon or renders
- Changes to collections screens - new icons on each screen to quickly set things as donated\modeled\extra right from the main screen.
- Sell price listed in the outer screen of items.
- Villagers gifting guide

Update 2.6
- Sort villagers based on several criteria
- Recipes collection
- Furniture collection
- Clothes collection
- Golden tools guide

© Icons used in the app are made by Freepik from
© All villager models k.k song titles fish insects and fossils images + models are copyrighted material created and publish by Nintendo co. Ltd and their affiliated business partners this is a fan made unofficial application and does not claim to be related in any way to Nintendo co. Ltd and their affiliated partners.
© All credits for creations goes to them. This application only serves as a nice and convenient way to share and display information about a loved game Animal Crossing New Horizons.
© Huge thanks to the guys over at https//
© Huge thanks to the guys over at https//


About this version (2.5)

Update 2.5: - New deep sea creatures added as part of the fish screen. - Nook miles searching + added new nook miles missions. - Sort villagers based on Animal species and Personality type. Please contact via email\discord\twitter if you have any issue! Next update will include bushes, gold tools, calendar and more.

Other versions

2.4.6 released on 03 June 2020 (801 days ago)

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