Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade

Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade

Dash lose retry! Truly hard arcade game with an abstract geometric design

Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade
Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade

Abstract Adventure is an abstract geometric arcade game developed to be played on mobile phones.

The Abstract Adventure has been designed so that you can play it with just one finger. Such very simple control opens up many non-trivial paths of passing incredibly difficult levels. The goal is to pass all obstacles without collisions by tapping the screen or holding your finger on the screen.

You can complete all levels in a certain number of steps (indicated in the upper left corner) to prove that you are gained your skill! Be warned you will lose and lose again, trying to beat the same level many times before you finally reach your goal and prove to yourself that it is possible.

Discover 5 chapters (and there will be more), hand-crafted levels with many different types of obstacles, unique minimalist graphic design, and a great soundtrack.

You will be fascinated by how simple geometry shapes, rectangles, and lines can transform into a whole world full of dangers and unpredictable obstacles!


The gameplay is thought out specifically to make this game convenient to play on the phone, you only need one hand and a sharp reaction: make a touch to change the direction of the particle. Press and hold to double particle speed.


Beauty is in simplicity. The game is created in an abstract design and captivates with its simplicity of lines.


The adventure consists of five chapters with unique levels, each level differs from the other in its set of obstacles, speed, and rhythm. In the future, the number of chapters will increase and the levels will become more difficult :)


This game contains a piece of a puzzle for you. Each of the levels can be completed in the optimal number of actions, the number of actions that are considered optimal for a given level is indicated in the upper left corner during the game, try to go through each of the levels along the reference path.


The game has a survival mode or an endless game mode, where you will play as long as you can hold out!


Music was specially created for full immersion in the game. Quiet but persistent ambient will help you get into the rhythm of the game and get real pleasure from the process.


Abstract adventure can easily be played offline. So you can use it whenever you go!


Earn achievements, participate in leaderboards and save progress to the cloud to play on other devices!


About this version (b0.9.0)

Small UI improvements

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Size: 14 MB
Version: b0.9.0 by 8tbl
Updated: 20 December 2020 (353 days ago)
Released: 11 September 2020
Installations: more than 10 000
Abstract Adventure : Geometric Arcade
5 Stars: 42
4 Stars: 14
3 Stars: 7
2 Stars: 7
1 Star: 0

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