ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k

ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k

Kids educational app. Learn trace letters. Preschool reading games for toddlers

ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k
ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k ABC Champ: Alphabet learning & phonics for pre-k

Are you looking for a fun, engaging and interactive way to promote preschool learning and teach your toddler the English Alphabet at home? We have the perfect ABC learning solution for you! Introducing ABC Champ, the ultimate martial arts inspired kids learning app to teach your child how to recite, read and write ABC through multiple levels of engaging ABC games! If you want your child to learn the alphabet via a smooth, intuitive and ads free experience then this is the best educational app for you.

This free alphabet learning app is suited for children 3 years and above and we provide a wonderful visual and auditory platform to encourage preschool alphabet learning using interactive ABC games. We are the leaders in the preschool learning sphere because:

* Interactive user interface to help a child learn letters and sounds
* Martial arts inspired toddler learning games and avatars for alphabet learning
* School curriculum based ABC reading content to promote kids learning
* Multiple levels of each game along with a leaderboard to record your child’s ABC learning progress
* Fun ABC games to make children learn letters, trace letters and learn to read
* Free version to try the educational app and a paid version to unlock more levels and features.

This ads free ABC learning app is perfect to encourage English Alphabet learning at home through ABC games because:
>> Best Homeschooling app: We have a thorough curriculum and we offer interesting, interactive ABC games which would make sure your kids learn letters, trace letters and learn to read without losing interest. In times when schools are shut, toddler learning games on our educational app will ensure that your kids learning does not stop.

>> Holistic approach for kids learning: This ABC learning and reading app follows an approach where we go step by step to ensure that preschool learning of the language happens in a simple yet efficient manner. Our toddler learning games cover all the required skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing to help kids in their alphabet learning process. Through our educational app, children learn letters, capital and lower-case, how to identify the different shapes and sounds of letters, how to trace letters and the alphabet song among much more!

>> Carefully thought out activities: We start with a visual ABC song to teach them the chronology, sound and shape of the letters. This is followed by a match the letters game and a memory game to enhance kids learning. Once the child has mastered the ABC learning and reading, we teach them how to write and trace letters, both capital and small case by asking them to follow the dots and trace the alphabets. These activities are proven to help children learn to read.

>> Fun, Interactive Games: The user interface in this ABC learning and reading app is easy to understand and navigate. The colorful sounds combined with the engaging visuals will make preschool learning an enjoyable task. These toddler learning games are not only interesting to play but they also ensure that children do not lose focus and retain the information for long periods through games to learn and trace letters.

>> Martial Arts Approach: You will be guided through all toddler learning games and alphabet learning activities by a martial arts avatar. This educational app is based on a point system, which essentially depends on the speed and accuracy of your kids learning to help them stay engaged while they learn to read. In the advanced mode, you can unlock a lot of different levels that your child can go through in each of these ABC reading games. As your children learn letters and trace letters, they will advance to become the ABC champion.

Try for free or subscribe now at $1.99 and unlock all interesting features to get the best preschool learning. Download ABC Champ, immerse your kid in the world of interactive, ABC games, make them the master of the English Alphabet and make their screen time worthwhile!

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