Abar (Demo)

Abar (Demo)

A 2D platformer game of obstacles and challenges.

Abar (Demo)
Abar (Demo) Abar (Demo) Abar (Demo) Abar (Demo) Abar (Demo)

You will be playing as a small robot named Aar to complete levels of obstacles before winning the entire game. You are to complete the level by collecting seven Orbs of Imb. Watch out for death pits and "exquisite" shoot-able enemies!

This demo version includes complete features of the first level "Karv" out of seven in total (Full Game). Rush through your time completing and compete with friends in Google Play Games for achievements and leaderboard!

Will you make it?

Developed by Ungku Ismail Aziz.

"Remember old MS-DOS Prince of Persia, Super Mario Bros, Ninja Ryukenden and Contra. That could pretty much gives the idea of what Abar is like. Happy playing the demo." - UIA

About this version (1)

V1 of Abar Demo: Full feature of the level Karv. Full feature of Aar. F**h and Roacher only as enemies. Guest stars: Jasmin Suraya and Ir Radzi.

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Abar (Demo)
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