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Aard 2
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Aard 2 is a dictionary and offline Wikipedia reader.

Visit http://aarddict.org to find dictionary downloads - Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote , Wikivoyage in many languages, FreeDict dictionaries, WordNet

Important: if updating from 0.48 or earlier version, previously opened dictionaries need to be removed (trash can icon in Dictionaries tab) and re-opened.


• Lookup queries are punctuation, diacritics and case insensitive.

Bookmarks and History
• Visited articles are automatically added to history and appear in History tab. Articles can also be bookmarked (tap Bookmark icon when viewing article). Bookmarked articles appear in Bookmarks tab. Bookmarks and history can be filtered and sorted by time or article title. Both bookmarks and history are limited to a 100 of most recently used items. To remove bookmark or history record, long tap a list item to enter selection mode, tap items to be removed, tap Trash Can icon and confirm. A bookmark can also be removed by tapping Bookmark icon when viewing article.

Dictionary Management
• Dictionaries can be added by scanning device or by manually selecting dictionary files.

Note that application itself does not download dictionary files.

• Opened dictionaries can be ordered by marking and unmarking them as "favorite" (tap dictionary title). Lookup results of equal match strength from multiple dictionaries are presented in the order of dictionary list. Dictionaries can also be deactivated. Inactive dicts do not participate in word lookup or random article lookup, but are still available when opening bookmarks, history or when following links in other articles. Unwanted dictionaries can also be completely removed from the program (but dictionary files are not deleted).

Article Appearance
• Dictionaries may include alternate style sheets. User may also add custom style sheets via Settings tab. Dictionary built-in and user styles appear in the "Style..." menu in article view.

• Mathematical articles are rendered as text using MathJax (http://www.mathjax.org/) - scalable, styleable, beautiful on any screen.

Random Article
• Tapping application logo in main activity finds a random title in an active dictionary and opens corresponding articles. User may optionally limit random lookup to only use favorite dictionaries.

Volume Buttons Navigation
• When viewing articles, volume up/down buttons scroll article content or, if at the bottom (top) of the page, move to the next (previous) article. Long press scrolls all the way to the bottom (top).
• In main view volume buttons cycle through tabs.

Fullscreen Mode
• Articles can be viewed in fullscreen mode. Pull down the top edge to exit fullscreen mode.

Clipboard Auto-Paste
• Text from clipboard can be automatically pasted into lookup field (unless it contains a Web address, email or phone number). This behavior is off by default and can be enabled in settings.

External Link Sharing
• Some dictionaries (such as Mediawiki based ones - Wikipedia, Wiktionary etc.) contain external links. Long tap on the link to share it without opening in a browser first.

Requested Permissions
Aard 2 uses local embedded web server to provide article content. This
permission is necessary to run the server.

Also, articles may reference remote content such as images. This
permission is necessary to load it.

User chooses when to allow loading remote content: always,
when on Wi-Fi or never. This permission is necessary to implement

About this version (0.53)

- Improved compatibility with some recently created dictionaries - Improved bookmarks/history filtering for titles containing punctuation - Fixed crash when scrolling lookup results fast

Other versions

0.51 released on 14 February 2022 (665 days ago)
0.50 released on 19 January 2022 (691 days ago)
0.46 released on 11 July 2021 (883 days ago)
0.45 released on 12 January 2021 (1063 days ago)
0.44 released on 19 April 2020 (1331 days ago)

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