8 Planets Free

8 Planets Free

An educational and fun solar system app

8 Planets Free
8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free 8 Planets Free

This is the free version of 8 PLANETS with limitations to the facts and quiz sections and lower resolution planet textures. Otherwise fully functional with no advertisements.

Visit the planets to discover their properties and the relationships between these. Answer questions that will test and improve your knowledge. If you’re 5 or 75 and interested in astronomy or science in general, try 8 PLANETS and learn more about our wonderful solar system.

• Aesthetic views of the planets with realistic details like equatorial bulge and shadows on the rings of Saturn.
• Lots and lots of buttons to press. Fun for kids of all ages!
• The facts section includes a wealth of information.
• You can decide which units planet properties are displayed in. Centigrade or Kelvin degrees, astronomical units or millions of kilometers …
• You can make side-by-side comparisons of planets and planet characteristics. This will help you make your own AHA! discoveries and learn things that you will remember. Why do Earth’s rotation time and length of day differ? Does the extreme bulge at Saturn’s equator have anything to do with its relatively low density and fast rotation time? …
• You can of course toggle on/off preferences such as music, stars, orbit visualization types …
• You can change the speeds of the rotation and orbit animations. A fun feature for younger children. Watch the inner planets race around the sun!
• Last but not least, educational quizes for 1-4 players. You select the subjects and which planets to include. Use it at home or in the classroom at school.

Hopefully you will enjoy 8 PLANETS, whether you’re a teacher, student or amateur astronomer. It’s quite different from all of the other solar system apps. It fills an empty niche. Looking forward to your suggestions for improvements and new features.

Are you a teacher, and want to use 8 PLANETS in your classroom? Please contact Norway Apps for access to the full version.

8 PLANETS is designed for Android tablets. It will work fine on your phone, however it looks much better on a larger tablet.

About this version (1.2.1)

V 1.2.1 - Updated data - Simple volume control - Widescreen improvement V 1.2 - New planet textures - Improved text, graphics and sounds - Quicker start - Improved planet selection V 1.1.3 - Changed some text and images V 1.1.2 - Planets also selected from within animation V 1.1.1 - Quiz difficulty levels - Planets selected from "fact-info" - Sound and animation improvements V 1.1.0 - Facts panel displays the planets and definitions of planetary properties. - Large buttons - Layout improved

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 7 MB
Version: 1.2.1 by Norway Apps
Updated: 11 June 2020 (498 days ago)
Released: 27 May 2015
Installations: more than 10 000
8 Planets Free
5 Stars: 56
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3 Stars: 6
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