7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE

7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE

Scientifically proven workouts and exercises for fat loss and muscle building.

7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE
7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE 7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE 7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE 7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE 7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE 7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE 7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE

Get fit with 7 Minute Workouts no equipment required!

7 Minute Workouts will keep your body fit and in shape! In just seven minutes a day you can get the dream tone for your muscles. 7 Minute Workouts is equipped with more than 25 workouts for every fitness level. With more than 200 exercises to pick from you can create your own workout routines. But training alone won’t help you lose weight and maintain higher daily metabolism efficiently. That's why 7 Minute Workouts has custom nutrition plans which will transform your body in just two weeks!

7 Minute Workouts offers a variety of ex waa /www.Weworkout types (i.e. hiit high inensity beginner intermediate advanced etc.) and contains information such as calories burned muscle groups used in the workout level of intensity etc.

But to make sure that you don’t get injured and that you can work out to the fullest 7Minute Workouts contains stretching and warm up workouts which will keep your muscles and spine healthy and prevent any injuries.

Our exercise library has more than 200 and we are adding exercises every week! The high-quality videos and animations will help you execute the right movement of the exercise. Every exercise contains a muscle group image which explains which muscles are used while executing that exercise.

7min Workouts do not only contain high quality workouts the app also contains advanced training and workout plans which will guide you through the process of becoming a stronger version of your self.

Beside workout and training plans 7min Workouts contain also high quality and scientifically proven nutrition and diet plans which will show results in two weeks of use.

Detailed meal plans and guides will help you maximize your results and achieve the body you deserve!

Besides the quality of workouts warm up workouts stretching workouts exercises training & nutrition and meal plans the app has features which will help you stay motivated and train on time!

Feature list
- Record workouts and plan history
- Log your calories workouts and plan history on Apple Health
- Train with Apple Watch and Apple TV
- Stay motivated with an achievement system
- Filter exercises by muscle group or hardness
- Ability to create your own workout routines
- Personal trainer with reminders which will notify you when to work out!
- Video followed workouts
And much more….

Major muscle groups that the workouts hit

- Abdominals
- Back
- Biceps
- Calf
- Chest
- Forearms
- Legs
- Shoulders
- Triceps

So there is no need for GYM routines.
Workouts are pure insanity to lose the belly fat and for pumping your iron muscles.
With these workouts and exercises you will get functional strength explosiveness (explosive power) and defined body.

Mix those workouts to improve your stability stamina agility and coordination.
The app is based on HIIT (High-intensity Interval training) regimen which will improve your cardio and fast up your fat loss.

Main function of this app is cardio bodyweight and aerobics - better fitness body health fast metabolism for fat burning with a workout plan and exercise training program.

A portion of the exercise list
Push-ups squats sit ups plank crunches wall sit jumping jacks punch triceps dips lunges Abs Scissors Back Extensions Bear Hugs Biceps Curls Bicycle Crunches Burpees Chin Ups Crab Walk…. And many more


About this version (4.3.79)

We destroyed some bugs. Let us know if you find more. Our developers will fix them faster than you can do a "MMA Circuit" workout.

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7 Minute Workouts at Home FREE
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