The bible standpoint on what the mark of the beast and 666 is about.

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666 which is linked with the mark of the beast, is soon upon our world (that is 666) and it is already at play. 666, linked to the mark of the beast has been studied for over many years for now been welding power in the world for last battle between truth and error. 666 and the mark of the beast on side and truth on the other side.

With this app, 666 which is linked to the mark of the beast will cease be a mystery, everything you need to know about 666, is here.

πŸ’– Feel free to download and share this app as well as read the content thereof, and prepare well for the second coming of Christ....

πŸ’“Let us meet at the feet of Christ, and fight the good fight of faith...πŸ’–

@Unearthing 666.

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