55 Gratitude Affirmations

55 Gratitude Affirmations

Collection of affirmations for showing gratitude towards life.

55 Gratitude Affirmations
55 Gratitude Affirmations 55 Gratitude Affirmations

Feeling sincere gratitude for the good in your life is a powerful way to tap into your positive energy and amplify it so that you experience great changes in your life.

This app contains 55 recorded affirmations to help the process of showing gratitude more simple.

Here are some of the features you'll find inside this app

- Relaxing background music
- Choose time delay between affirmations
- Choose whether to repeat each affirmations twice or not.
- Choose how many affirmations you want to listen to in a single sitting.
- Voice recording of each affirmation
- Randomized order of affirmations for best effects
- Plus it's 100% free

Some of the affirmations you'll find

I am thankful for the miracle of life.
I am grateful for everyone who cares about me.
I am constantly grateful for everything that is in my life.
I am grateful for all my material possessions.
I am grateful for my uniqueness.
I am eternally grateful for the knowledge that my family is safe.
I am deeply grateful for being able to go anywhere I want.
I am grateful for being free to do anything I want.
I am grateful for all the small things in life.


BalanceInMe.com team

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55 Gratitude Affirmations
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