4 In A Line Free

4 In A Line Free

The fun and addictive connect 4 In A Line game for Android phone.

4 In A Line Free
4 In A Line Free 4 In A Line Free 4 In A Line Free 4 In A Line Free 4 In A Line Free 4 In A Line Free 4 In A Line Free 4 In A Line Free

4 In A Line (also known as Connect Four Four Up Plot Four Find Four and Four in a Row) is a two-player (you vs. Android) game in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping their colored discs — known as "checkers" in the United States — from the top into a seven-column six-row vertically-suspended grid. The pieces fall straight down occupying the next available space within the column. The object of the game is to connect four of one's own discs of the same color next to each other vertically horizontally or diagonally before one's opponent can do so.

Game Options
---Difficulty and Level User can select game difficulty from easy normal hard and expert.
---Color scheme 5pairs colors.
---Use Splash Screen User can turn on or off for starting the program with splash screen.
---Install and run from SD card (for Android 2.2 and above).

The system requirements for this game
---OS Android v1.5 or above
---Physical Resolution 320x480(HVGA) 480x800(WVGA800) 480x854(WVGA854) 1280x800 and other resolutions
---Perfect for Android smart phone and tablet

Provided by Frank Android Software @ www.softMiMo.com. Feel free to contact us via email. We have excellent support record and no question will be ignored.

About this version (10.10)

10.10: • Updated Android Play Service version. 10.07: • Updated to build with latest SDK • Bug fixes. 10.03: • New layout for main menu. • Updated Admob ID. 10.01: • Updated to use latest Android SDK 4.2.2 • Updated to use latest AdMob SDK 6.4.1 • Bug fixes and enhancements. 10.00: • Japanese localization • Chinese localization • Updated for Android Jelly Bean • Updated to use HD image. • Updated to use new algorithm to make the game more challenge.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 3 MB
Version: 10.10 by SoftMiMo LLC.
Updated: 04 March 2019 (1672 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
4 In A Line Free
5 Stars: 106
4 Stars: 19
3 Stars: 10
2 Stars: 9
1 Star: 32

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