25m Pistol Timer

25m Pistol Timer

A training timer for the 25m pistol events with shot detection

25m Pistol Timer
25m Pistol Timer 25m Pistol Timer 25m Pistol Timer 25m Pistol Timer 25m Pistol Timer

This shooting practice timer is designed for:
- ISSF 25m Pistol / Center-Fire Pistol
- ISSF 25m Standard Pistol
- ISSF 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
- CISM Rapid Fire Pistol
- The finals of 50m Pistol and 10m Air Pistol

It is also possible to define custom events, using your own times and command sequences.

You can choose between voice commands, beeps or vibration, and the app will also optionally beep/vibrate when the targets would turn, in case you're practicing on stationary targets. Or it can show a turning target for dry-fire practice at a tablet.

The timer also detects your shots and shows you the timing of your series.

You can also connect two or more devices to each other via Bluetooth, to control the target or lights on one device from the timer on another.

About this version (1.16)

Development of 2.00 is still stalled, perhaps I will get to it soon. But as an emergency fix, I have upgraded the existing version to an SDK level that I hope will work for everyone. (There was a second error that affected many of you, hopefully fixed in 1.16!) There are no changes between 1.13 and 1.16 except for this.

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25m Pistol Timer
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