Svenn - Construction app

Svenn - Construction app

The user-friendly all-in-one plattform used by 10000+ craftsmen seeking control

Svenn - Construction app
Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app Svenn - Construction app

"If a job is finished today, I can send an invoice out tomorrow."
- Malermester Talseth & Husby AS (painters).

Looking for an easy-to-use time tracking app that require zero digital skills to use? Svenn is built on 3 basic principles:

1. Keep it simple! We built an app the workers actually want to use on a daily basis - to make sure your profits are not dependent to human memory.
2. Make it accessible! Our app and web-solution speak 9 languages so far.
3. Stay helpful! Free, lightning fast support for everyone - now and forever!

Download our app and start your free 14-day trial today - with no obligation or credit cards required!

Svenn is a paid service. We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions, with the possibility to add seasonal workers for shorter periods.

Contact us to get a quote tailored to your size and needs.

"The value is great! We get back the cost in just 30 minutes due to the amount of time we save."
- Låsesmedmester Hveding AS (locksmith)

Still not convinced? Here's four reasons why builders and contractors chose Svenn

Daily reminders = No more timesheet gaps
It's easy to forget - Svenn makes it difficult. Our app detects and alerts the user at the end of the day if no hours have been logged. A brilliant little feature that save thousands every month for our users.

Flexible system
From small jobs to greater construction projects. We give you the tools - you decide what you want to use.

Immediate and free customer support
Few things in life are as annoying as waiting for customer support - and paying extra for it. We are easily accessible for everyone on chat, phone and email, with an average response time under 1 minute.

"Quick and great support 👌👌👍"
- Hitra Tømrerteam AS (construction)

Office work is reduced to minutes
Our cloud-based webportal lets you customize and download timesheet reports (or export to another system) for billing and salaries with just a couple of clicks - be it from your office, at home or at the beach.

"Salaries used to keep me busy for an entire day. With Svenn it's done in minutes."
- Li-Jo Renhold AS (cleaners)

The preferred all-in-one system for busy craftsmen seeking control:
✓ Time Tracking
✓ Project Management
✓ Checklists
✓ Health & Safety Documentation
✓ Snags and Deviations
✓ Unlimited Photo Documentation
✓ Customer Database
✓ Absence & Vacation
✓ Integrated with popular systems for accounting, billing and salaries
✓ English, Norwegian, Polish, Lithuanian, German, Danish, Russian, Latvian and Serbian.

Join our 10,000+ daily users. Work smarter with Svenn.

"We save nearly half a years worth of workhours thanks to Svenn."
- Tangstad Transport AS

Download the app and start your free trial now.


About this version (2.8.6)

You can now set task as required. We update the Svenn app regularly to ensure a better experience for you. Contact us if you have any questions and we always appreciate your feedback.

Other versions

2.8.5 released on 30 June 2021 (91 days ago)
2.8.4 released on 23 June 2021 (98 days ago)
2.8.2 released on 16 June 2021 (105 days ago)
2.8 released on 02 June 2021 (119 days ago)
2.7.1 released on 20 May 2021 (132 days ago)
2.7 released on 11 May 2021 (141 days ago)
2.6 released on 14 April 2021 (168 days ago)
2.5.5 released on 30 March 2021 (183 days ago)
2.5.4 released on 25 March 2021 (188 days ago)
2.5.2 released on 05 March 2021 (208 days ago)
2.5 released on 22 February 2021 (219 days ago)
2.4.1 released on 04 January 2021 (268 days ago)
2.4 released on 08 December 2020 (295 days ago)
2.3.73 released on 25 November 2020 (308 days ago)
2.3.72 released on 24 November 2020 (309 days ago)
2.3.7 released on 26 October 2020 (338 days ago)
2.3.62 released on 21 October 2020 (343 days ago)
2.3.61 released on 13 October 2020 (351 days ago)
2.3.6 released on 07 October 2020 (357 days ago)
2.3.5 released on 28 August 2020 (397 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 28 MB
Version: 2.8.6 by
Updated: 06 July 2021 (85 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Svenn - Construction app
5 Stars: 36
4 Stars: 5
3 Stars: 3
2 Stars: 2
1 Star: 12

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