Play 22! now! The most challenging match-3-game with NUMBERS

22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22! 22!

Looking for an addictive puzzle matching game with NUMBERS? Getting tired of traditional gameplays like swapping or connecting items? With the keyword NUMBERS we are proudly introducing our innovative gameplay that brings you fun while practicing your brain!

How to play

-Click on any number to increase its value by one. When 3 or more of adjacent numbers with same value match they combine and become a bigger number with increased value by one. The higher values the numbers have the more difficult the game becomes.

-You have 5 bars of energy in total. You lose the game when you run out of energy. Every move you make consumes 1 bar of energy. You will gain 1 bar every two or more consecutive combinations. However you can have maximally 5 bars of energy for the whole time.


-Think twice before making your moves! Every time you break your own record you see an achievement that brings excitement to challenge yourself once again. You train your strategic skills math skills and patience by playing 22!. For a long run you will find yourself smarter!

-User friendly gameplay Simply Tap(Click) on numbers to play so you could focus on your strategy to make higher scores.

-Play 22! at lunch break after work or family gathering. Play 22! anytime and anywhere! 22! should be in your bedtime game collections!!

-We want you to love numbers. We bring life and colors to the game. Numbers are not just for math they are for fun!

-Be competitive! See how well you do in global rankings! Challenge your friends and find out who is the smartest one in your circle!

Why are you still hesitated? Numbers are waiting!!!

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About this version (1.0.6)

Added sound button on the menu scene . (Finally!!) Added mini game feature. Fixed minor bugs Better screen adjustment

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 12 MB
Version: 1.0.6 by MUJIGAMES
Updated: 08 November 2017 (2039 days ago)
Released: 31 August 2017
Installations: more than 5 000
5 Stars: 44
4 Stars: 8
3 Stars: 6
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 5

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