2 Player Quiz

2 Player Quiz

Multiplayer Quiz with unique game modes

 2 Player Quiz
 2 Player Quiz  2 Player Quiz  2 Player Quiz  2 Player Quiz  2 Player Quiz  2 Player Quiz

2 Player Quiz is a multiplayer quiz.

Geography maps
Place a marker as close as possible to the questioned City. Maps are available for America South America Australia Europe Asia Germany England Ireland Iceland Spain Italy France Czechia Netherlands Switzerland Mexico Russia Ukraine Austria Colombia Brazil Belgium Switzerland India and the Mars.

Each player chooses after each other either the oldest or earliest dates of an given topic. Topics Movies Books Videogames Inventions Birthdays of famous people Company foundation Cars Football/Basketball clubs.

Choose the countries with either the highest or lowest number of population/size. 250 countries from China to Vatican City. Or choose the highest or smallest mountains and buildings.

Each time a player makes a mistake everyone else gets a star. The player who reaches the stars goal first wins the game.

Choose between 30 adorable player avatars.


About this version (3.3.1)

Improved single player easy games Improved logo colors Added content Fixed translation bugs

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 21 MB
Version: 3.3.1 by Simon Schubert
Updated: 05 April 2020 (236 days ago)
Released: 20 January 2011
Installations: more than 100 000
 2 Player Quiz
5 Stars: 373
4 Stars: 173
3 Stars: 121
2 Stars: 69
1 Star: 139

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