10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game

10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game

10000 trivia brings unlimited fun addictive and challenging quiz questions

10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game
10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game 10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game 10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game 10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game

10000 Trivia is an interesting quiz game with more than 10000 trivia questions (and still more are coming) to test your general knowledge and trivia skills and you can play free on your android. This fun trivia game starts with simple and easy trivia and then gets harder with every trivia level. All the fun trivia questions are unique interesting and cover all the general knowledge categories. Its an easy trivia game will be the best brain game for you to improve your IQ level.

Just hit the "START" button and get unto the world of fun and addictive trivia with most interesting quiz questions. It will be a great fun to play the selected trivia and explore the different quiz levels. It will a new world of fun and challenge for you with every passing trivia level.

You can also play random quiz too by going with the "RANDOM" button if you do not want to go trivia with level by level. It will be another amazing experience for you here. 10000 trivia will select itself a series of interesting trivia for you and will give you a surprise with every random trivia.

App Features are:

1. User Friendly Interface with very light graphics, 10000 trivia uses very little internet data and saves your android phone's battery.
2. Different categories of quiz questions for the people of different interests.
3. With a Random trivia feature it surprises you with every quiz by bringing interesting questions.
4. In continuous levels test your knowledge and keep unlocking the next levels and more fun for you.
5. Thousands of random questions to keep the game interesting.

About this version (1.2)

bug fixed

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Released: 15 October 2019
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10000 Free Trivia & Quiz Game
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