10 Phase

10 Phase

10 Phase is the rummy- type card game where players compete against one another.

10 Phase
10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase 10 Phase

โ€‹10 Phase is the rummy- type card game where players compete against one another to see who can complete 10 varied phases first!

The objective of 10 Phase card game is to be the first person to complete all ten phases.

The 10 Phase game is named after ten phases (or melds) that a player must advance through in order to win.

โ€‹A phase is a combination of cards and can be composed of sets, runs, cards of one color, or a combination of these. Each phase to be completed is specific to each hand dealt, meaning you need to complete the current phase in order to advance to the next one! Finish all 10 and win the game!

Special actions cards like "Wild" and "Skip" cards that deliver game-changing moments! A "Wild" card can be used in place of a number card, as well as be used as any color to complete any phase, while a "Skip" card causes your opponent to lose a turn!

10 Phase is a rummy-type card game with a challenging and exciting twist! The twist is that each Phase to be completed is specific for each hand dealt.

"Wild" and "Skip" cards add excitement and deliver game-changing moments.

It's different every time you play the game, making it a favorite among kids and adults alike.

10 Phase is an easy to understand card game suitable for players of all ages.

Playing 10 Phase game just one time will make it a regular among your family and your friends.

Do you love to play card games? Know how to play 10 Phase with your friends for the best fun time.

So what are you waiting for? Download 10 Phase today for endless hours of fun!

โ—†โ—†โ—†โ—† 10 Phase Features โ—†โ—†โ—†โ—†

โ– Play with 4 Players in Online & Private Tables.

โ– Play with your Friends on a Private Table. Create Private Table and invite your friends to play anytime

โ– True Multiplayer where you can play with real people online.

โ– 10 Phase is the Rummy-type card game with a twist!

โ– Very Intuitive Interface and game-play

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Enjoy 10 Phase!

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