10 Digitos Mexico

10 Digitos Mexico

10 digits ten digits dial 10 new Mexico dialing contacts phone numbers

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10 Digitos Mexico
10 Digitos Mexico 10 Digitos Mexico 10 Digitos Mexico 10 Digitos Mexico 10 Digitos Mexico

Use the most reliable app to correct yours!

The bigger your contact list, the more you need this app, which adjusts your phone numbers to the new mandatory 10-DIGIT dialing.

Contacts in your city, which were previously dialed at 8 or 7 digits, have to be dialed at 10 digits from now on. This means that you must fill in the local numbers, putting the long distance LADA code before them, even if the call is local.

With this free application you will be able to modify in a few clicks all those telephone numbers, so that they include the prefix. In a couple of minutes, everyone will be registered to 10 digits.

If you have many short numbers in your directory, like this 1234-5678 or like this 123-4567, in an instant they will look like this:

55-1234-5678 or 33-1234-5678 or 222-123-4567 etc.

Your contacts who live in other parts of the Mexican Republic, and who you used to call in the 044, or 045, or 01 mode, that is, with more than ten digits (044-999-123-4567 or 01-800-123 -4321), they should get rid of those prefixes and be reduced to ten digits (999-123-4567 and 800-123-4321).

So that you have maximum control over what the app is doing, it shows, before updating, all the numbers to which you are going to apply a modification, giving you the opportunity to set aside numbers that you do not want to change, or that you are not sure ( a) of wanting to change.

This application modifies a good number of contacts for free. If you have a business and a long list of business contacts, please make a small donation that allows us to give it free to users with few contacts. You can do it within the app, with your credit or debit card, or you can also download our (identical) payment app "Dial 10 digits":


If you decide not to donate, you can use the free version of the app "10 digits free", which has no limit to the number of numbers you can correct:


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