5 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp is an increasingly used messaging app both in the Android and Apple world. It has now supplanted ordinary SMS and entered our lives slowly, day after day with its load of emojis.

In this article we will see 5 nice and very useful tips and tricks regarding Whatsapp. If you like these tricks share this page with your friends to let them know too.

1. How to write bold, italics and strikethrough in your messages

5 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks
Did you know that it is also possible to write in bold, in italics or put the strikethrough? You never found the relative button right? To do this, use the asterisks, subtree or tilde in the body of a message. For the bold type write for example * SUPER WOW *, for the italics _SUPER WOW_ and for the strikethrough ~ SUPER WOW ~. These are the results of this trick (you can also combine styles).

2. How to find the right emoji fast

Sometimes a simple smiley can say more than many words. Not that emojis were born with Whatsapp, but their spread thanks to it and other messaging apps is now at the highest levels.

Let's start by saying that the smileys are so many and it is really difficult at times to find them. Fortunately, a trick comes to our rescue. In fact, it is possible to search for the right emoji simply by touching the search symbol and writing what we are looking for as text. Do we want an alien face? Or some poop? Or a banana? No sooner said than done!

5 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks
Remember that if you send only one smiley it will appear larger.

Do you know which smileys we use the most? There is a site called emojitracker that lets us know the most used in real time. The most popular is the one that laughs, followed by the heart. The day on which smileys are most used is New Year's Eve. And which emoji will you use in your next Whatsapp message?

3. How to send GIFs

5 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks
Do you know that it is also possible to send animated GIFs? By going to send emoticons and then making a tap on GIF you can search for anything by writing in Italian or English. Here, for example, are the results for joy:

4. Knowing if your message has been read

5 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks
Do you want to know if your message has been read? Do you know that it is possible to know if your message has been read and by whom? Select a message you sent and then tap Info.

Many write in a Whatsapp group and you have to reply to what a friend of yours said many messages before? Point out that yours is an answer to him. How to do? Select your friend's message and then tap the left arrow.

5. Use whatsapp on the web and desktop

Whatsapp is wonderful on your mobile but maybe sometimes you'd like to type from your computer keyboard right? Nothing simpler!

Simply go to the following address https://web.whatsapp.com/ and follow the instructions to use whatsapp from the web. So you can use your pc or mac to text