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Rapid MIDI To MP3 Converter

Rapid MIDI To MP3 Converter
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Convert midi tunes into high-quality mp3, wma, ogg, wav or m4a files in just seconds.

Rapid midi to mp3 converter comes equipped with the latest waveform synthesis technologies, featuring customizable sound fonts and various special effects to provide the ultimate audio quality. Listening to midi files converted with rapid midi to mp3 converter is like enjoying the performance of a symphony orchestra. rapid midi to mp3 converter lets you breathe a second life into your midi collection. By applying sophisticated wavetable algorithms, rapid midi to mp3 converter is able to produce mp3/wma/wav/aac files that sound way better than anything your phone or audio player can produce when playing a native midi file. The reason is simple: portable devices will use the ancient fm synthesis to play back your midi s. They ll sound the way yamaha synthesizers did in the 1980 s. technology advanced greatly since the 80 s. This allows rapid midi to mp3 converter to employ wavetable algorithms with custom sound fonts and physically calculated special effects that are simply not available in today s phones or audio players, producing sound that s far superior to anything your favourite audio player can do to a midi file. don t settle for mediocre. Use rapid midi to mp3 converter to convert your midi collection into mp3, wma, ogg, flac or aac format.