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CHM Editor 3.0.9

CHM Editor
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Microsoft compiled html help is a proprietary format for online help files, developed by microsoft.

It was first introduced with the release of windows 98, and is still supported and distributed through windows xp and vista platforms. Most often the format is used to create help files for software products. Besides, chm format is increasingly being used for creation of electronic books (e-books). Until quite recently editing files of such format was a long and labour-intensive process - one had to use special programs (compilers), which didn t have wysiwyg interface and required certain skills of working with it. we present an editor of new generation enabling you to work with chm-files rapidly and easily: it will be no trouble now to make a new document, add formating, insert a picture or a hypertext link and see the result immediately. Furthermore, a document created by you can be open on every computer, functioning on the basis of the windows operation system and you will never have to think again about the compatibility problem. Another task which can be successfully resolved when using the chm editor is translation of documents. because the software may include help file in an unknown language to you, it could lead to difficulties, and sometimes impossible to use the program you need. The chm editor handles the problem with one click on the mouse. You get a translated document with the same formatting as in the original language. For translation you can choose one of the internet services the program works with. There are tens of languages available for translation. the chm editor is an excellent choice for people who deal with electronic documentation, have difficulties in using programs with chm help file in a foreign language, for professional translators, and those, who collect an electronic library. The program is an efficient tool that everyone should have on their pc.